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How to become a better football player (part 6)

Physical fitness

Aside from speed and endurance, footballers need balance as well as physical strength to defend their ball at the feet, to pass the ball far, to shoot, and to win balls out of the air.

Overall, physical fitness in this sport comprises four key elements:

8. Endurance

It is known as the strength or ability to continue to last despite the stress, fatigue, or other adverse conditions. In other words, tolerance not just refers to physical fitness and the ability of a player to make it through the whole 90 minutes. It also addresses the mental strength and skill of a player to continue despite the overwhelming tiredness they might feel.

It would help if you generally did not only withstand physically but also mentally. Since the body fatigues, focus, control, and decision making get more and more difficult. Your ability to perform mentally and physically for over 90 minutes is crucial to attaining success in football.

9. Balance and coordination

Terrific balance and coordination are needed skills for footballers. You see, footballers are usually moving quickly in small spaces either on defense or weaving through defenders, keeping up with the offenders’ moves. Moving swiftly in small spaces with one foot on your ball asks for a superb amount of coordination and balance. Balance and coordination (blended with speed) are things that make you agile and agility.

For a pro tip:

Be sure you work on both of your feet. It is hard to be balanced and coordinated as you can only work most comfortably with half of the body.

10. Speed

Footballers need it – it has to do with both quick feet and quickness and speed across longer distances. Speed regarding quickness and rapid feet is connected with balance and coordination. It contributes to your ability and agility to weave through defenders.